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How We Do the VW-1 Flame Test.

Are you familiar with the VW-1 Vertical Flame test? UL has recently updated their standards for UL 858 regarding the construction of home cooking appliances to require insulated wires to comply with the VW-1 Flame test for safety and fire prevention.…

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Why Use Flexible Cables? – Did You Know #7

What is cable flexibility? Cable flexibility is the characteristic for a cable to bend under pressure from an external force. Flexibility is one of the most requested cable characteristics when it comes to custom cable. Conductive’s experience with providing custom…

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What is VW-1 and Why is it Important?

Electrical fire safety is crucial within the home appliance industry. Cooking appliances have been the leading cause in home structure fires, as reported by the National Fire Incident Reporting System and various annual surveys. In the effort to reduce electrical…

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Did You Know… (#3)

Choosing the right type of wire for a project requires various considerations depending on the amperage load and application. Factors to Determine: Appropriate gauge of wire to use Type of metal wire to use Material: aluminum or copper Stranded or solid wire…

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Did You Know… (#2)

Did you know that the first detachable electric plug was patented over a century ago? Patented in 1904 by Harvey Hubbell II, it revolutionized the means of connecting electrical wires to power supply. The first plugs introduced the convenience of…

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