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Time to Unplug.

Go out there and enjoy the world. Our power cords will still do their part to power up all of the things you actually need to keep plugged in.

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We’re All About Power Cords…

... But even we need to unplug sometimes. Nonetheless Conductive’s comprehensive line of high performance power cords continues to be your trusted source for all of your power delivery.

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Cold Air? Our Power Cords Don’t Care.

To the outdoor professionals who work in frigid climates, we understand your needs. After being approached to address the critical issue of cracking, exploding, and popped cords, we came up with a solution for your power tools: POWER-TOUGH® XTREME. Sub-zero…

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No Kinks. Period.

To the professional cleaners out there, we've heard your problems and we feel your frustrations. We were approached to resolve the problem of having to continuously replace your professional vacuum cords. The sheer annoyance of de-tangling,  stiffness of coils rolling back up, and…

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Who’s Powering Your Power Tools?

90% of industry leaders use Conductive to Power Up their power tools. Introducing EVO-FLEX®, the uncompromisingly durable heavy duty cabling solution built for the roughest of environments from the wire and cable supplier that you depend on. Visit our EVO-FLEX® page for…

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Rugged / Robust / Resistant

MEDI-TOUGH® - the medical industry's preferred cabling solution. Demanding environments- no problem. Recognized for its great coiling capability and long-lasting memory retention, MEDI-TOUGH® is used in 60% of hospital beds today and is ready to support your critical applications. To learn more, visit the MEDI-TOUGH® page.

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