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4 Reasons Wall Sits Benefit Your Wellness

Conductive Office Wellness

Together, the Conductive team has so far achieved 70 seconds of wall sits since the start of March. We’re challenging each other to maintain our wellness by aiming to reach 5 minutes of wall sits by the end of this month. Here are some of the reasons why wall sits are helping us:

Help with Multitasking and Boosts Concentration: Proper wall sits require directing your attention to several physical actions at the same time: proper breathing, keeping your core flexed, balance, and proper leg position. Consistent practice of exercises that focus on several body parts at the same time will lead to developing stronger multitasking skills and strengthening the ability to concentrate for extended periods of time.

Increase Physical Performance and Stamina: Routine exercise benefits physical health and improves performance and endurance during physical activities, from playing sports and enjoying the outdoors to keeping up with young kids and getting through the work day.
PS: Did you know that wall sits strengthen muscles around the knees to help prevent runner’s knees?

Lower Resting Heart Rate: Isometric exercises like wall sits lower the resting heart rate. A lower resting heart rate means lower blood pressure, which leads to a healthier heart that can pump for a longer time.

Reduce Back Pain: Many Americans report problems with back pain every year. Strengthening the lower body (areas such as quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, and glutes) can take pressure off of the back.

Think you can make it? We challenge you!
Share your best wall sit photos and we’ll share ours, too.


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