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How We Do the VW-1 Flame Test.

VW-1 Test

Are you familiar with the VW-1 Vertical Flame test?

UL has recently updated their standards for UL 858 regarding the construction of home cooking appliances to require insulated wires to comply with the VW-1 Flame test for safety and fire prevention.

The vertical wire flame test exams the materials’ ability to resist fire along a vertically suspended wire.

Here is a video clip of how we perform the VW-1 Flame test to comply with UL 858 standards:

Conductive has an extensive array of wires, including our specialty line of VW-1 rated high temp wires, designed with VW-1 safety standards in mind.

For more information on the VW-1 Flame test, check out our previous article.

For Conductive’s specialty line of VW-1 rated wires, check out Alta, Alta-V, Vuurguard-150, and Hetta-Lite.

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