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Stories from Our Spring Challenge – Refreshing Acts of Kindness

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Our 14-Day Acts of Kindness Challenge concluded at the end of April. The goal was to tune into everyday opportunities for kindness – acts that are purposeful and voluntary – whether they be small or something grander. We’re excited to share some refreshing stories about kindness that came from our spring challenge. Thank you to our team for participating, sharing, and spreading kindness! Read below for some inspiring stories from these last 2 weeks:

Recently my husband’s cousin had a stroke and found out that she also has an extremely rare blood disease. We thought that they would need some extra help and support during this difficult time and so we invited her and her husband to stay with us at our home for the past 2 months. – Kham

Today our neighbor’s dog got out and we saw her by our yard. So I went ahead and took our leash and decided to take her for a walk before bringing her back to her home. Made both her and her momma happy. And me too… it was nice day out. : ) – Adrienne

I was standing behind an elderly women at Bed Bath and Beyond waiting to check out; saw that she was buying two glass plates and while she was digging around for her wallet I told the cashier to put it on my tab. When she found out that I paid for it she looked at me and said “No ones ever done that for me before.” I found that a little hard to believe, nevertheless, a little act goes a long way. – Matt

A friend in Taiwan recently delivered a baby. I purchased some famous essence of chicken online, and had them delivered to her directly as supplement for her good health.
– Sean

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to the secret Karmabucks giver… seeing that in my INBOX this morning was a nice start to my day. Sarah

I forgot to bring my water bottle with me to work today. It’s on days like this that I really appreciate the top shelf of the fridge that is for sharing with the team. There was a bottle of water sitting there. That brightened up my morning! Sian

I walked passed a woman pushing her stroller and chasing after her 2 little girls. We were all walking towards some stairs so I decided to ask the woman if she would like some help pulling her stroller up the stairs while she helped her daughters climb them. She was caught off guard by the engagement with a stranger and kindly said no, but I’m happy to have offered. Lindsay

Last night the family was all present for dinner, so we had a chance to do our “candle”… which is what we call when we pick a family member’s name from a “hat” and we say what we appreciate about the person we got. It is always extra special when the whole family is present. And we all leave the dinner table so much more encouraged. Adrienne

PS: Did you know that kindness is statistically proven to lead to faster healing for patients?

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