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What We Think is Amazing… EWeek19

eweek19 engineers amazing inventions

To celebrate this year’s Engineers Week theme of “Invent Amazing,” we asked our team to name the invention they find most amazing. Here’s what they said:

“Closed Vapor- Compression. first developed in the mid 1750’s – early 1800’s. That invention is what led to the first commercial refrigerators and freezers. Imagine life without those two appliances.” – Matt

“The invention of the electric car is amazing for changing the way we travel by using an energy source other than petroleum.” – Rocky

“The invention that I think is amazing is the robotic vacuum. It can clean the house at scheduled time especially when people are not home. This invention brings great convenience by making cleaning much easier and saving a lot of time.” – Sean

“I think the hair straightener is an amazing invention. We all use it, and need it.” – Jodi

15 of Mankind's Greatest Engineering Marvels

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