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EVO-FLEX® cordage’s are flexible cords designed for the heavy duty mobile appliance and power tool applications.

EVO-FLEX® cordage’s utilizes Conductive’s proprietary Nano Plastomer technology jacket materials that bridge the gap between thermoplastic PVC and synthetic rubber cordages in performance.

Cross linked for heat resistance, EVO-FLEX® cordages are equivalent to rubber cordages in hot cut-through tests and are resistant to most chemicals and oils that can weaken and deteriorate common service cables.

EVO-FLEX®-R cordage’s are extremely resistant to abrasion and do not melt when temperatures exceed normal operating conditions.

Designed with medium to high strand count conductors and synthetic fillers, EVO-FLEX®-R cordage’s out-perform ordinary flexible cables in resisting flex breakages and abrupt mechanical pulls commonly experienced in industrial and professional power tools and mobile appliances.

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