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Conductive’s MEDI-TOUGH® line was designed in collaboration with major hospital equipment manufacturers as a comprehensive solution for power cords used in medical environments. These extra heavy duty power cords are built to perform reliably in critical applications despite rough handling and exposure to frequent chemical cleaning in Hospital environments.

MEDI-TOUGH® cables are built with a high tensile strength, stretch resistant and crush resistant outer jacket to withstand demanding handling requirements common in ER situations.

MEDI-TOUGH®’s hydrophobic jacket repels liquids and fluids and is resistant to frequent exposure of harsh cleaning and sanitizing chemicals.

Coiling of MEDI-TOUGH® cordages can also be achieved with reliable retractability and is commonly employed in demanding wiring harness applications where failure is not an option.


• Hybrid Power & Signal Cable
• Excellent Cut-through Resistance
• High Crush Resistance
• Resistant to Sanitizing Agents
• High Memory Retention Coil


• External Cabling for Hospital Equipment
• Critical Care Beds & Surgical Platforms
• Retractable Devices & Instruments
• Critical Power Delivery

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