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Flat Plug

POWER-LOK® FlatOne is a high performance flat plug developed for the North American Appliance Market.

Designed to meet and exceed all current flat plugs in safety and performance, FlatOne utilize a unique approach to achieve true 100% double Insulation construction. Utilizing Conductive’s proprietary Crimp-Vault™ insulator and AIS’s high performance Vyflex PVC polymer, FlatOne achieves unprecedented safety in a ultra-low profile form that is 30% thinner than current double insulated flat plugs.

In addition to its patented safety design, FlatOne employs an integrated piece by piece testing process that ensure a true traceability and evident proof of successful performance testing.

Available in our SPT-2 & SPT-3 flat cables and our SJT round cables.

Conductive Flat Plug
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Flat Plug Power Cords
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