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VUURGUARD®-150 is a high temperature hookup wire designed with heating and cooking appliances in mind. UL rated for continuous duty at 150°C operating temperature and certified with VW-1 vertical flame rating, VUURGUARD®-150 is an excellent wire choice for heat generating appliances and equipment with concerns in fire safety. Color coded in high visibility contrast spiral stripes, VUURGUARD®-150 color coding system aids in fast easy identification in assembly and in service.

VUURGUARD®-150’s cross-linked insulation exhibits high hot knife cut-through resistance and does not melt when exposed to short duration of temperatures exceeding normal operating conditions.
Flexible and tear resistant insulation eliminates common line installation problems associated with silicone or handling fiberglass braided insulation.

VUURGUARD®-150 is cost competitive with silicone and fluoropolymer based insulated wires and outperforms in cleanliness and ease of processing by automated wire processing equipment.

  • UL 150°C Continuous Duty Rated
  • VW-1 Rating
  • 600V Rating
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Abrasion & Cut Through Resistance
  • RoHS Compliant
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